Whether you need to maximize customer and user attention, or provide illustrations in support of information, be it applications or databases, multimedia goes a long way in ensuring that you are able to efficiently and effectively put across your message keeping in view your brand image and market positioning.

Our graphics artists and designers bring together creative ingenuity and artistic talent to design Aesthetic, Creative, and User-friendly Graphics Interface for innovative solutions such as K-12 education and reference material, Test Preparation, Interactive Quiz, Multimedia enhanced computer based training programs, CBTs, and Web based training programs, WBTs, eLearning Solutions for Education, edutainment, distance learning, training programs, and self-help packages. These solutions can be used either for online learning anywhere anytime and on-demand, Corporate Training, high school education, colleges and universities. Integration of Audio, Video, Multimedia elements and, Graphics can be used to design learning solutions that meet the requirements of specific groups and, facilitate in the assimilation of information.

Customizable user profiles, Interface Control Features and, other tools (such as Search or Glossary) can help users learn according to individual requirements, bookmark particular segments, save test scores or notes, access learning content on demand or, discuss topics and questions with course administrators or other users.
We can also design Interactive or Linear Presentations and tutorials for different users (such as clients, employees, or vendors), 3D Content, low poly and high poly 3D models of objects, characters and, environments, Simulations, corporate presentations, edutainment, flash games, 2D animations, Creative Web Designs, user friendly and aesthetically pleasing websites, and Flash animations

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